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As I approached 60 I decided to tackle some long term problems of disrupted sleep caused by hot flushes; low mood and an afternoon energy dip. I found Hannah welcoming, warm and knowledgeable. Both our one to one sessions and telephone calls were informative and supportive and followed up with a written summary and actions to follow. After 3 months my improved nutritional diet and eating routine has been integrated easily into my busy life and my sleep, mood and energy levels are all much better. And I managed to lose 5 pounds! But most importantly, I believe I have the confidence now to maintain these changes and live a healthier life.  Meeting Hannah has definitely been a great investment and I would thoroughly recommend her service.
Helen , Chalfont St Giles.

I am so glad that I had consultations with Hannah.  She advised me how to make changes to my diet that were sustainable and it has really made a difference.  The best development has been an increase in energy levels – I feel alot less tired than I used to!  With her help I also managed to re-introduce a number of foods I had been struggling with.  Hannah is very easy to talk to and answered all my questions.  I really recommend seeing her.
Sarah Amersham.

I took my nearly 6 year old to see Hannah because he is a fussy eater and his very restricted diet was a big source of stress in our house. Hannah designed a practical session with him with activities such as making apple cars to get him involved with new food. She used foods that he likes and built on those so for instance he likes apples and the cars were made from apples and grapes; he enjoys bananas so we made a simple banana smoothie together. We also looked a pictures of the food groups such as protein and talked about how we need those foods for growth and to repair our bodies when we hurt ourselves. The session really seems to have made a difference. He ate a carrot stick at a party that day – which I have never seen him do, and he was eager to demonstrate his homework to my partner when they were making pizza yesterday he announced that he had to try a green vegetable, and promptly picked up a piece of raw courgette and ate it, declaring it 9/10! In addition my partner and I have agreed a compromise in terms of how we’re going to encourage him to try new foods. I highly recommend Hannah for nutritional advice.
Naomi, Finchley, London

I went to see Hannah as I had been suffering from a long-term health issue which I hoped a change in diet may help. Throughout a number of appointments, Hannah explained how eating the right foods and supplementing my diet may help my symptoms. She advised me with simple and easy to achieve dietary changes which, over a period of time, has led to a considerable reduction in my symptoms.
Hannah was very professional and supportive during my appointments, and it was obvious that she undertook research relevant to my condition between formal appointments; this inspired even further confidence in her ability and interest in my case. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hannah in the future.
Rebecca, Princes Risborough

I have suffered for many years with frequent headaches and after trying various things I was advised to look at my diet, I also suffered with bloating and constipation. After meeting with Hannah, she recommended that I reduced the amount of refined sugar in my diet and increased my intake of vegetables along with some other changes. Although these changes were daunting at first, she gave me lots of information and recipes on how to achieve this. Three months down the line I now get approx 2-3 headaches per month, in comparison to several every week. The diet has also improved the bloating and constipation.
I would definitely recommend Hannah. As well as helping me to feel better, She easy to talk to and explains everything very clearly. I have learnt a huge amount about nutrition through Hannah.
Claire, Middlesex

I went to see Hannah because I had periods of feeling quite low, I was also very pre-menstrual and constantly felt very tired mid-afternoon. I was also not going to the toilet regularly.  Hannah recommended that I ate regular meals and snacks, and I made some changes to my diet that were very simple to put in place and I really felt so much better – I had so much more energy, I didn’t feel irritable around the time of my monthly cycle and I started going to the toilet everyday.
I would recommend Hannah because she is considerate, very kind and gentle and she doesn’t ‘push’ anything onto you. Changes in lifestyle and diet have to come from you and she made me want to try it. She is very encouraging. Also I only saw Hannah twice as I didn’t need to go more than this and she isn’t someone who sees you for the sake of it which I like, thank you Hannah
Louise, Chalfont St Giles

I first experienced symptoms of eczema 8 years ago, and these symptoms had got progressively worse over time. When I started to see Hannah 3 months ago the skin on my feet, legs, hands and under arms was angry, red, itchy and inflamed. After following an elimination diet and taking some targeted supplements my symptoms have improved dramatically so that I have almost defeated my eczema. I am now working to reintroduce foods slowly and I am starting to identify which foods appear to trigger my symptoms.
Valeria, Amersham

I went to Hannah for Nutritional advice as I was training for my first marathon – I was feeling exhausted and my muscles were aching. Hannah explained clearly and simply what I should eat before, during and after a run that may help to support my energy levels and also help my muscle recovery in between runs. She provided me with useful nutrition information that I could take away and refer to, as well as lots of recipes ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Her approach was friendly yet professional. I would recommend her.
Adrian, Berkhamsted

What’s for breakfast? – primary school talk:
Following your talk to day my son announced that he’d like to have porridge and banana for breakfast (only been trying to get him to eat that for years), that bacon and eggs are great, and that nuts are good for you! Brilliant, well done!
Fiona, Berkhamsted

Healthy New You – Nutrition Programme

I cant believe the difference in the way it has made me feel – more energy, less irritable and more focused. It was brilliant thanks for introducing me to this way of eating.
Heather, Berkhamsted

I’m sleeping better and feeling better and I’ve lost weight. I’m just amazed how easy it was to substitute more healthy foods for my usual buys.
Pam, Berkhamsted

I very much enjoyed the Healthy New You  programme.  The  meeting was interesting, very informative and motivating. I found the recipes to be delicious and well thought out. My goals were to improve my energy and general well being and I achieved both of these, plus I slept better and my hot flushes were less severe. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this programme.
Jane, Amersham

Hannah explained the science of eating well and the principles of the Healthy New You programme really clearly so it was easy to understand and follow. The menu planning was really clear and there was lots of choice of recipes – all of which were really tasty. I experienced lots of improvements in my symptoms – my skin is clearer, I am sleeping better, I have more energy, my mood improved and I lost some weight too. I feel healthier altogether…I’m a new woman!
Tricia, Tring.

This programme has greatly reduced the inflammation in my lungs and I feel the best I’ve felt for a long time without medical intervention. My sleep is really improved, I can breathe more easily and I have more energy despite this being a stressful time for me
Pam, Gerrards Cross

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