Nutritional Therapy

Discover nutritional therapy with a private one-to-one session.

Nutritional therapy consultations can be conducted face-to-face or by Phone, Facetime or Skype.   It is preferable to have the initial consultation face-to face where possible. My consultations can support you in improving your health and well being or addressing a specific health concern.

15 minute call

I always like to speak to my potential clients to hear what they want help with and to help them choose the right support for them.

What to expect from your Nutrition Consultation

When you book nutritional therapy consultation I’ll ask you to fill in a questionnaire about your health history, current health issues and symptoms, and your diet and lifestyle.  To get the most out of your consultation, it is important that this information is returned at least 3 days before you appointment to allow enough time for it to be analysed and a thorough assessment of your nutritional status to be made.

Initial Consultation

At your first consultation we will take an in-depth look at your health history, diet and lifestyle.  Using this information, together with the information from your questionnaire, I will make personalised nutrition recommendations and I will work with you to create a personalised nutrition programme that targets your personal health goal in a way that is easy and achievable for you. The programme will include dietary and lifestyle adjustments, and where appropriate, nutritional supplement recommendations. I may also recommend functional testing if I they will be helpful in understanding your health issues and advising your programme.

Follow up Appointments

At follow up consultations we review together what progress you have made with your personalised nutritional plan, how effective dietary changes and any food supplements have been for you and what further tweaks of additions we could make to further support your health.  We may review the results of any tests you have had to support further development of your nutrition plan.  Clients have their first follow-up around 4 weeks after the initial consultation.

Consultation Packages

Normally achieving your health goals is a process and for that reason I offer nutritional packages which offer  optimal and realistic support.   Usually consultations are planned 4-6 weeks apart and your programme will normally include telephone check-in appointments as well as email support, research relevant to your individual case as well as test interpretations (if appropriate).

I offer 5 consultation packages that are designed to meet your specific needs:

  1. Health and Wellbeing
  2. Female Hormone Health
  3. Healthy Weight
  4. Fertility and Conception
  5. Pregnancy and Post Natal

Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Note: Nutritional advice is not an alternative to medical advice, where necessary you will be referred to your medical professional. I do not diagnose , claim to treat or advise against medication and can work together with your medical professional.

Tips on Nutritional Therapy

Improving the digestion of your breakfast

6th May 2017

Bircher muesli or overnight oats are a great alternative to porridge as the weather warms up (hopefully). Make it the night before and top with some extra fruit in the morning. Overnight soaking improves the digestion and absorption of oats, nuts and seeds. Try soaking oats, chia seed, mashed banana & strawberry, sunflower and pumpkin seeds in oat milk overnight and then topping with berries in the morning.

The Importance of Vitamin D for Good Health

27th February 2017

Good for so much more than strong bones and teeth. More research underlining the importance of vitamin D for good health.

Fruit and Vegetables and The Risk of Disease

25th February 2017

New research suggests more fruit and veg is better for cutting the risk of chronic disease but even small amounts makes a difference. How can you add an extra portion into your diet today?

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