Focus on Fertility and Conception

Would you like to:

  • Get your body in tip top condition for pregnancy?
  • Optimise your fertility naturally?
  • Improve your health to support your body through assisted fertility treatments?
  • Learn how nutrition and lifestyle factors can improve hormone related conditons (PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids)


I am a registered foresight practititioner, and work with individuals and couples to improve their fertility. The foresight programme uses a nutritional therapy questionnaire and a simple, non invasive hair mineral analysis test to thoroughly understand your current nutritional status as well as your essential and toxic mineral status. Working together we will then create a personalised nutrition health improvement plan which will focus on addressing any identified imbalances and optimising your diet for conception.

These programmes are designed to support couples or individuals who would like to optimise their fertility .  They would  suit those who are thinking about starting a family for the first time; those who have been trying for a while without success; or those who are about to start assisted fertility treatment (IUI/IVF/ICSI).

These personalised nutritional therapy programmes from Crabtree Nutrition will provide you with strategies to boost your fertility.  The first programme is for couples and the second is for an individual.

For Couples:                                                                                         For Individuals :

3 Nutrition consultations:                                                                     3 Nutrition Consultations:

1st consutlation – 120 minutes                                                             1st consultation –  90mins

2 x follow up consultation – 90 minutes                                             2 x follow up consultation – 60 minutes

2 x 15 minute telephone progress review                                           2 x 15 minute telephone progress review

Hair Mineral Analysis – both Partners                                                Hair Mineral Analysis

Full Body Composition Analysis                                                          Full Body Composition Analysis

A tailored nutritional plan                                                                     A tailored nutritional plan

Email support                                                                                           Email Support

£500                                                                                                           £350





If you are interested in finding out more about the programme, or would like to discuss your situation to understand how Foresight may benefit you,contact me to arrange an initial FREE 15 minute telephone consultation.

Contact Me.

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